Tourism News

Tourism News information from South America, Central America and Europe

Some interesting sites with Information for travellers, cities, places to visit, rentals, hotels and more

By example for South America you can check in South America Information where you can found a lot of info from south american countries and much more

Too we have a website about Balkans in Information about Balkans With information from all balkans countries, history, cities, places to visit, etc

Of course maybe you want to visit Central America, then you can visit Central America Information plenty of information about countries, beachs, things to do, history, maps, etc.

Why dont visit Romania? Here you can found to much information about romania, romanian girls and more Romania is a country that you need visit and enjoy it.

You can learn Spanish in Uruguay spanish school in Montevideo Spanish courses in Montevideo, Uruguay

Tourism is travel for leisurely, enjoyment or company requirements. The Tourist Company describes visitors as people “traveling to and remaining in places outside their regular environment for not more than one successive year for enjoyment, company and other purposes”.

Tourism has become a popular international enjoyment activity. In 2011, there were over 983 thousand worldwide visitor routes globally, comprising a growth of 4.6% when compared to 940 thousand truly.

tourism and travel

tourism and travel

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